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Seasons change.

Damn I hate the unpredictable weather in Baltimore

And I guess it’s true what they say, that when it rains it pours

Thought you’d be my umbrella, my shelter, my sunshine to keep me warm

But your light no longer covers me only thy shadow

Your words dont console my soul anymore

And your arms now lack the protection and comfort from the world’s cold

I had it good wanting you and the universe at my feet

A god in my own right grazing the flowers of our love imagine me

Imagining us and child by grace and sin

The passion we cherished for one another lied deep within

The depths of those long nights up pillow-talking about our dreams

Underneath one another until we’d fall asleep

Lunar moon watching our every movement

The cadence of your heart beat kept me alive, so sweet

Sharing clouds and gloomy days, your tears like droplets of rain

And that smile shooting gamma rays at my pain

I just dont feel it now

So I will tread with my rain boots on for a while

Till I find another, or my own ray of sun to smile

And even when the snow and hail pelt my face

And those tornadoes and hurricanes 

Category 4, tropical storms

Pass my way 

And what I should do

I’ll think back on how I survived You




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