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17 again.

First off

I admit feeling like a perv, less than dirt, writing these words

Knowing I couldn’t stop human nature from what we did

But whats worse?

Putting a stipulation to love or an adult to a kid?

I wouldn’t know because it had been so long since a woman touched me

In heated passion, paying for pussy, or after a fuss, I wish she’d fuck me
I passed you on a dark road alone while going home
Guess you were waiting for the bus so I was prone, to make that illegal u-turn at the next intersection
To strike up a conversation or quick session
Of lust, trust —
Trust me when I say that I almost crashed & wrecked the Audi
Breaking my neck staring at that body till I realized our eyes made 4 & that you saw me
Demons buzzing in my ear like a hornets nest and my horniness over came all rationality
So gradually,
I made my way to pulling over as you came closer,
I grew nervous
You peered into my window like, “nigga what’s your purpose”
Told ya I’d give you a lift if you’d give me some rap
The cold winter breeze petrified your face and like that
You hopped in with ya purse in ya lap
Scored your number
Pressing the issue of when was the earliest we could chill
A nigga was ready to tear you down before we could even build
No shame, no shade
You understood
You had already peeped the game being played
And you were with it
Turning up my radio dial from its original pivot
Exchanging looks getting into your favorite songs on my leather seats
Popping that ass in them leggings I peeped your thong, girl what a treat
Asking me how’d I get such a nice car and & when could you drive
Me jokingly saying in my head 1st bitch you have to let me ride
In my head of course
See obviously she hadn’t learned yet
And further more young bitch do you even have ya permit
So beautiful being the age as you are
As you were, so inquisitive about how a nigga live
And I continued,
Now more comfortable and assured pussy
You asked where I was going and if you could come with me
You asked me of any pets and if moms would trip if she met us at the door
I bragged about Jake and a secret entrance to the 2nd floor
Where my room was and what you would anticipate was pure unadulterated fun — between us
And my god you were sexy!
Doing everything ran through my mind only if you’d please.. please.. let me
You know how niggas get when it’s “guaranteed pussy”
5’7, petite smooth chocolate skin, perfect smile
Couldn’t be 17 with all those curves that ran for 1,000 miles
Shit, I smiled
When you finally crossed the threshold of my stairs
I was behind you long stares watching that ass switch
To a room, clothes laying everywhere but beyond that to a bed paved
That was frequently occupied by lost bitches who I previously saved
You pressed the black keys on my keyboard which wasn’t plugged in by the way
Started to tell me how you skipped school earlier that day
Like I cared,
And admitted that when I saw you, you had just came from chillin at ya homegirls house
Some bitch named Janay
That young shit
If the mind was a terrible thing to waste
Then you dumped it
Traded it all to keep up ya knowledge on Forever 21 sales & weave
And that cheetah printed bra that held up ya cleave —
Age wasn’t a factor
Well at least not now
Not after I turned out the lights and we got down
Not after you used the light on ya phone to find an enticing song
And give a nigga the best lap dance he ever had
Awakening the beast that lied beneath the britches of my pants
And you moaned, at first, claiming it hurt, but took it like a champ
Praying that after I buss I’d never do this again
But shit after writing these words and remembering
I think I might wanna fuck shorty who was 17, again.

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2 thoughts on “17 again.

  1. Cjambition on said:

    Yoooo real good stuff bruh!!!! For the more mature mind

  2. brieana kerr on said:

    wow……..thts some deep shyt k3v……real deep. do you. you shud read my stuff one day

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