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breed love.

I don’t know you

You don’t know me

But I love you

And what I’m learning

Is that..

It’s not always what I’m seeing

But just the fact of you being

Another human being

Helps me to understand

The true plight of boy & girl

Your life

My story

My fall

Your glory

All in the grand scheme of things

Did you not come from a woman’s womb and

If you cut me

Do I not bleed hemoglobin

What God desires us to vex

One another

To not be there for each other

Whether or not we’re..

Cousin, brother

Be slow to hate

Even lesser to consider race

Or gender

Or sexual prefrence

Make sense

If the Earth were to be freed of air

We’d all pass away collectively

So we must live unitedly

For an excellent


For a better tomorrow

Forgive me of any pain

That I’ve caused

Any sudden sorrow

I apologize now and for future

Lets agree to disagree

As we breathe love

Conquering hate, jealousy, and war

And teach generations to malice less

And love

Love More

Endless as the stars in the night sky

And even when the cumulus nimbus


Over our heads

Or when hardships rise beneath our feet

We stand together victorious

And trample all over defeat

Hand in hand

Your heart in mines

We beat on forward

Living our lives

Free as doves

Innocent or tainted

If you hunger

No its not my obligation to feed you

Actually yes it is

What if it were me

Or my kids

I may can’t afford you a home

Or have much money to loan

But I must help

If not for the betterment of you

Or myself

But for a step

For mankind

Never overlook obvious bad

Happy or sad

Give of thyself unto another

We never saw Christ in his manger

The next time you see a stranger

Dont miss your opportunity to

To show the same dedication

As you would give Jesus

Different is what we are


But homo-sapiens

Describes us


Have sex. Fuck differences. breed love.


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