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Relationship 101

The dynamics of a relationship can seem quite repetitive when observed closely; its almost as though things are rehearsed:

Act 1

Scene 1, “Spot N Chase” – Depending on who becomes attracted (spot) to who first, there is an initial meeting & thus “the chase” ensues.

Scene 2, “Boo Love(honeymoon be4 da honeymoon)” – We text all day, we call on the hour every hour, “just thinking of you” no longer becomes a candid phrase, but now an ordinary sentence cherished by its receiver. We drink, eat, sleep, that person  & believe that we could, thus, survive  off their attention until the end of time.

Scene 3, ” Body2Body” – THE SEX IS INSANE — its fun, its new, its exciting, its mischievous, its fresh, its youthful, its exuberant, its ALL A RUSH!!!

Act 2

Scene 1, “Im Busy” – Somewhere between 2 months, maybe a little bit less depending on the interest levels of some, you now find yourselves too caught up with your life for that other person. The time that you used to steal just to spend with that other person is not there anymore; or maybe NOT WANTED! Hm?

Scene 2, “Calm Before The Storm” – Indifference grows due to the lack of time spent, & there is a silent rift the length of the San Andreas Fault; easy to cross over, but both parties refuse & intead walk along side it.

Scene3, “ROUND 1 FIGHT” – The once quite “convos” turn to heated debates, & those turn to verbal altercations. What you used to overlook in the person, now is the main reason for your disdain of them.

Act 3

Scene 1, “They Aint You” – At this point, neither wants to leave just yet, because you’re in a passive hopeful denial phase that “things might actually work out.” Although during this stage, your eyes begin to “wander” & your everyday conversations with the opposite sex, outside the relationship becomes more “flirtacious and sexy.”

Scene 2, ROUND 2″ – ..more fighting ..makeup sex ..more fighting ..sex cant cure this shit anymore.

Scene 3, “Anotha Lova” – Your mind and heart is no longer in the person that you fell for a while back. Instead, the friend or person you started to confide in about your problems with the current relationship, becomes the “apple” of your affection.

Act 4

Scene 1, “KNOCKOUT” – Something as simple as leaving the light on, when the other is trying to sleep becomes “the last straw.”

Scene 2, ‘DEUCES” – As much as you may have loved the person, the time to say goodbye becomes more apparent and at this point inevitable. A mutual understanding was clearly not set. Either you were my “boy toy” for a little while which made me get bored easily, or I was ready to throw a Karat on your finger.



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